In 2001, several small environmental businesses saw the need for small businesses in their industry to have a collective voice before government agencies and on Capitol Hill. These companies held a meeting to gauge the interest of other small business leaders in the environmental industry. The end result was the founding of the Small Environmental Business Action Coalition, Inc.

SEBAC is headquartered in Washington, D.C., a location which allows for easy access to the Congressional small business offices, the Small Business Administration and the small business offices of federal agencies. Our members perform their services for the Air Force, the Navy, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Army, the EPA, the Department of Energy and various other agencies.

SEBAC member companies operate throughout the United States and in several foreign countries under a variety of NAICS code such as Environmental Remediation (NAICS 562910), Engineering (NAICS 541330), Research and Development (NAICS 541712), and Consulting (541620). Several of our members have performed work in Iraq and in the rebuilding of the U.S. Gulf Coast and New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. Our members prove through their work that small business gets the job done faster, more efficiently and on budget.


  • Increase awareness among the general public, large businesses, and government agencies of the benefits of using small environmental businesses.
  • Pursue policies, regulations, and laws which foster a fair level of participation by small environmental businesses n the federal government marketplace.
  • Foster high-quality services to the federal government by small environmental businesses.
  • Serve as a vehicle for information sharing and partnership opportunities for our members

How SEBAC Is Governed

SEBAC is governed by an all-volunteer Board composed of seven Directors elected by the membership to serve two-year terms. The Board in turns holds an annual election of officers.

The following Directors currently serve on the Board: David Bluestein (ECC), Monica Cooper (CAPE, Inc.), John Dwyer (Kemron), Doug DeFazio (KOMAN Government Services), Charles Herrmann (Avanti Corporation), Fritz Meyer (EA Engineering, Science and Technology), and Steve Shirley (ARS) and Current Officers:

John Dwyer – President
Monica Cooper – Vice President
Susan Brock – Secretary (appointed)
Charles Herrmann -Treasurer

The Acquisition Strategy Committee is the main focus for SEBAC, with ad hoc subcommittees formed as needed. The Membership Committee is a standing subcommittee.

Acquisition Strategy Committee – Doug DeFazio, Chair
The Acquisition Strategy Committee’s primary function is to position SEBAC members to participate as primes or team members on federal acquisition strategies that are slated under environmental service/environmental remediation NAICS codes 541620 and 562910. The Committee’s work involves the acquiring and sharing of pertinent information with and among members for the purpose of influencing federal acquisition strategies, getting pre-intelligence on acquisitions and enabling members to better evaluate, position and team on procurements. This very broad committee encompasses several subcommittees representing SBA Program Classifications: 8(a), HUBZone, WOSB; and VOSB. In addition, the subcommittees may have subcommittees of their own as warranted to investigate specific components of the agencies within the departments.

Membership Committee – Dennis Morgan, Chair
The Membership Committee seeks to maximize the strength and unity of the coalition by promoting membership, maintaining an Internet presence, arranging informal gatherings at conferences where a significant number of SEBAC members are in attendance, and taking an active roll in the planning and presentation of the annual membership meeting.

Our Committees work hand in hand to keep our membership informed of opportunities for participation, partnership, and growth in the environmental industry.